Dim Sum Seafood Restaurant

9431 Delcourt Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Saturday's hours: 11:00am - 10:00pm (Hours of Service May Vary)
Steamed Chive Gow

fresh chives & shrimp inside

Fried Turnover

mushroom, minced pork, & dried shrimp inside

Steamed Cha Siu Bao

fresh buns stuffed w/ bbq pork

Steamed Lotus Paste Bun

fresh buns stuffed w/ sweet lotus paste

Coconut Snow Balls

sweet rice dough w/ peanut butter ball inside

Pan-fried White Radish Cake

shredded radish w/ diced sausage & dried shrimp

Steamed Siu Mai

diced pork, shrimp & mushroom

Beef Meatballs

seasoned beef meatballs

Steamed Bean Curd Rolls

pork & veggies wrapped in bean curd sheet

Steamed Spare Ribs

marinated ribs garnished w/ black beans & pepper

Stewed Chicken Feet

marinated w/ chinese spices

Curry Calamari

handcut calamari marinated w/ curry spice

Beef Tripes

thinly cut & marinated w/ a fresh taste of sweet ginger

Spring Rolls

seasoned shredded pork, veggies, & shrimp inside

Mini Shrimp Rolls

seasoned shrimp paste inside

Rice Noodle

choice of dried shrimp, beef, roasted pork, fresh shrimp, or plain

Ha Gow

delicious fresh shrimp dumplings

Shrimp Siu Mai

stuffed w/ delicious shrimp paste

Fried Seaweed Shrimp Rolls

tasty shrimp paste wrapped in seaweed

Fried Shrimp Balls

delicious shrimp balls w/ rice crispy on the outside

Fried Taro

seasoned taro stuffed w/ minced pork & little bit of dried shrimp

Fried Stuffed Tofu

w/ shrimp tofu stuffed w/ fresh shrimp paste

Fried Ice Cream

ice cream wrapped in sara lee cake

Steamed Stuffed Sweet Rice

special chinese rice, chicken, shrimp, pork & sausage wrapped in lotus leaf

Pan-fried Shrimp Bean Curd Rolls

fresh marinated shrimp & a bit of cilantros wrapped in bean curd sheet

Fried Banana Rolls

w/ ice cream sweet lotus paste & banana inside, served w/ ice cream

Pan-fried Potstickers

dumplings stuffed w/ delicious pork & shirmp


jellyfish marinated w/ salt & pepper and a touch of sesame oil

Wonton Soup

choice of shrimp & pork or shrimp wonton

Wonton W/ Noodle Soup

choice of shrimp & pork or shrimp wonton

Stir-fried Flat Rice Noodle W/ Beef

homemade rice noodle stir-fried w/ beef, bean sprout & onion

Stir-fried Flat Rice Noodle W/ Pepper Steak

homemade rice noodle topped w/ delicious green pepper steak

Flat Rice Noodle

w/ beef & chinese broccoli, homemade rice noodle topped w/ beef & chinese broccoli

Singapore Style Vermicelli

thin rice noodle stir-fried w/ shrimp, roasted pork & green pepper in tasty curry flavor

Pan Fried Noodle

choice of vegetables, shrimp, shredded pork, assorted meats, or seafood served on top of pan-fried crispy noodle

Chinese Broccoli W/ Oyster Sauce

steamed fresh chinese broccoli garnished w/ oyster sauce

Chinese Broccoli W/ Garlic Sauce

fresh chinese broccoli stir-fried in garlic sauce

Fried Rice

choice of chicken, pork, shrimp, or combination

Stewed Beef

w/ flat rice noodle, homemade rice noodle served w/ stewed beef

Tradition Clay Pot Rice

choice of chicken, pork ribs, beef, chinese sausage, or combination of your choice

Sauteed Clam W/ Black Bean Sauce

clams sauteed in delicious black bean sauce

Salt & Pepper Pork Chop

fried pork chops sauteed w/ salt & pepper

Tangerine Beef

tender beef cooked in refreshing tangerine sauce

Crawfish W/ Chinese Eggplants

crawfish & chinese eggplants cooked in chef's spicy sauce

Curry Seafood Clay Pot

green mussel, shrimp & scallop cooked in delicious spicy curry sauce

Pecan Shrimp

jumbo shrimps coated w/ savory creamy sauce & garnished w/ roated pecans

Salt & Pepper Calamari

fried calamari sauteed w/ salt & pepper

Sweet & Sour Fish

fried fillet fish served in our special sweet & source sauce

Stir-fried Fillet Fish

stir-fried fillet fish served on baby bok choy

Volcano Shrimp

jumbo shrimps sauteed w/ chef's special spicy sauce

Stewed Clay Pot Beef

beef brisket, tendon & bean curds stewed in clay pot

Sauteed Ribeye Steak Cubes

juicy ribeye steak cubes sauteed w/ ginger & black pepper

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