Hong Kong Restaurant

1899 Ocean St, Marshfield, MA 02050

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:30am - 3:00pm

Tuesday: closed

Wednesday: 11:30am - 3:00pm

Thursday: 11:30am - 3:00pm

Friday: 11:30am - 3:00pm

Saturday: 11:30am - 3:00pm

Sunday: 11:30am - 3:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Golden Gobi

balls of cauliflower florets tossed in smoked garlic and onions served with spicy tomato sauce

Mushroom And Cheese Shashlik

mushrooms, homemade cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes delicately grilled in a skewer served with mint sauce

Vegetable Rolls

thin wheat bread stuffed with stir fried vegetables accompanied with mint sauce

Vegetable Momos

popular himalayan dumplings (7 pcs) stuffed with mixed vegetables served with spicy tomato sauce

Malai Tikka

supreme chicken marinated with our special herbal seasoning cooked over charcoal served with mint sauce

Drums Of Heaven

chicken drumsticks (6 pcs) topped with smoked sauteed onions served with spicy tomato sauce

Chicken Momos

popular himalayan dumplings (6 pcs) stuffed with ground chicken served with spicy tomato sauce

Saffron Shrimp

fresh juicy grilled shrimp served with mustard seeds in saffron sauce

Goat Sekuwa

marinated goat meat barbequed in a clay pit served with mint sauce

Chicken Sekuwa

marinated chicken white meat barbequed in a clay pit served with mint sauce

Tuna Spring Roll

crispy wrap stuffed with fresh tuna, rice, avocado slices, and lettuce served with our special garlic soy sauce


a nepali specialty combination of flat rice, spicy potato salad, chicken sekuwa and kwatti soup

Kathmandu Platter

combination of momo, shrimp, goat sekuwa and malai tikka served with tamarind and mint sauce

Mixed Vegetable Platter

combination of vegetable roll, golden gobi, veg momo and shashlik served with tamarind and mint sauce

Tomato Cilantro Soup

simply fresh and lively herbal blend of diced tomatoes and cilantro

Chicken Soup

refreshing clear soup of shredded boneless chicken and fresh vegetables


nine varieties of mixed beans soup with aromatic seasoning prepared in celebration of the oncoming cold after autumn equino

Mixed Thukpa

egg noodles soup with shredded chicken and vegetable

Aloo Aachaar

traditional nepali spicy potato salad with snow peas, onions, and ground roasted sesame seeds

Mixed Vegetable Curry

fresh mixed vegetables cooked in traditional nepali style

Okra Masala

diced okra in hot pepper has just the right combination of spice and crunch

Tofu Manchurian

fried soybean curd sauteed with bell peppers flavored in hot and sweet sauce

Tangy Eggplant

batter fried eggplant topped with delicious tangy sauce

Palak Cannelloni

steamed homemade pasta wrap stuffed with spinach and cottage cheese topped with fresh diced tomato sauce

Pepper Mushroom

sauteed mushrooms with freshly ground black pepper and herbs

Buddha Delight

fried cheese dumpling stuffed with raisin, cashew and pistachio nuts cascaded in a creamy sauce

Lentil Bukhara

gently cooked black lentils with himalayan spices

Lamb Curry

classic lamb curry with golden brown spicy gravy gently cooked in tomato onion sauce with fresh spices

Roasted Quail

pot roasted marinated quail in chefs special mint sauce served with stuffed potato

Chicken Steak Masala

chicken breast cooked in a clay pit topped with creamy tomato sauce and side of snap peas

Tandoori Chicken

our famous marinated chicken grilled in a clay pit served on a bed of vegetables

Barbequed Lamb Chops

marinated lamb chops cooked over charcoal and glazed with our house barbeque sauce served with stuffed potato

Mutton Meatballs

homemade meatballs cooked with spicy smoked tomato sauce

Mixed Grilled Sizzler

sizzling clay oven combination of tandoori chicken, goat sekuwa, malai tikka and shrimp

Shrimp Moilee

sauteed fresh juicy shrimp in mustard-flavored coconut sauce

Kspice Crab

soft shell crab delicacy served with a rich pepper fennel sauce accompanied with rice noodles

Masala Grilled Fish

grilled swordfish served with our delicious house sauce and a side of curly fried potatoes

Dal, Bhat & Tarkari Meal

this is a staple daily diet of the majority of the nepalese population. a full meal includes steamed rice, lentil soup, a vegetable dish, goat curry, and a dessert

Cauli Aloo Tarkari

cauliflower and potato curry is one of the classic nepali vegetable served with steamed rice

Aloo Tama

popular nepali recipe of bamboo shoots, black-eyed beans and potatoes served with steamed rice

Goat Curry

favorite nepali meat dish with bones cooked in a curry of garlic, turmeric and cumin served with steamed rice

Momo Madness

popular himalayan chicken dumplings (10 pcs) served with spicy tomato sauce

Chicken Curry

boneless chicken cooked in traditional nepali golden brown spicy gravy served with steamed rice

Chicken Chowmein

steamed noodles stir fried with shredded chicken and vegetables

Shrimp Chowmein

steamed noodles tossed in a wok with shrimp and vegetables

Chicken Chili

boneless chicken sauteed in spicy soy sauce with green chili, bell pepper and onions

Plain Steamed Rice

gently steamed basmati rice

Mixed Fried Rice

combination of rice, eggs, shrimp, chicken and vegetables tossed in a wok

Veg Fried Rice

combination of fresh seasonal vegetables tossed in a wok

Lamb Biryani

juicy lamb chunks cooked with basmati rice and aromatic biryani spice

Chicken Biryani

tender chicken cubes cooked with basmati rice and aromatic biryani spice

Plain Naan

white flour bread baked in a clay oven

Chili Cheese Naan

spicy white flour bread with mozzarella cheese and green chili slowly cooked in a clay oven

House Special Naan

unleavened bread stuffed with dry fruits and nuts

Garlic Naan

unleavened white flour bread stuffed with fresh chopped garlic and cilantro

Aloo Paratha

whole wheat bread stuffed with spicy potatoes and baked in a clay pit

Nepali Roti

homemade whole wheat flat bread baked in a clay pit

Sagarmatha Roll

banana wrapped in a crispy roll served with vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce

Caramel Custard

cardamom-flavored custard coated with caramel and garnished with whipped cream


wonderful hidden nepali dessert made from strained yogurt flavored with cinnamon and cardamom


gently cooked fresh homemade cheese balls dipped in condensed milk

Mango Ice Cream


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