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Mejillones Cantina

fresh mussels sauteed with mexico mix, red pepper, tequila, white wine, tomato sauce and oregano

Surtido De Vegetales

artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, pimentos, portabello mushrooms and spinach in a sherry butter sauce


stuffed jalapeno peppers with chicken, herbs, and spices


large flour tortilla filled with cheese and jalapenos served with sour cream, tomatoa and guacaomole. also available with chicken or beef

Chile Con Queso

a blend of american cheese, spices and chiles served with hot tortilla chips

Ensalada De Camarones Caliente

sauteed fresh spinach with raisins, pine nuts and shrimp

Alcochofas Salteadas

artichoke hearts sauteed in olive oil with serrano ham and pimentos, finished with sherry

Atun Alioli

aji tuna cooked rare, served cold over mixed greens, cucumbers and carrots, with alioli

Piquillos Rellenos De Cangrejo

piquillos peppers stuffed with spinach, cream and crab meat served over roasted tomato sauce

Empanadas De Picadillo

cuban style ground beef and pork, stewed with smoked ham, raisins, green olives, aji, tomatoes and dry white wine

Gambas Al Ajillo

gonzalo's favorite; shrimp sauteed in olive oil, garlic, herbs and tomatoe concase, finish with dry sherry

Ceviche Levantino

shrimp, scallops and calamari marinated in a citrus sauce, olive oil, cilantro and garlic

Ceviche Acapulco

shrimp, scallops and fish in a spicy tomato sauce served cold, garnished with avocado

Calamares Fritos

tender calamari seasoned and deep fried, served with a picante sauce

Calamares A La Plancha

calamari marinated in olive oil, garlic and herbs, served with lemon and white wine

Calamares Encebollados

sauteed calamari with caramelized onions and port wine

Pescado Al Pil Pil

tender fresh filet of fish sauteed in olive oil with garlic and arbor chile

Chuletitas On Fruta Seca

lamb chops stewed with dry fruits, rosemary and vinegar sauce

Chuletitas A La Riojana

lamb chops served over papas con rajas, topped with sauteed onions, tomato and pimento

Mejillones Paisano

fresh mussels sauteed in white wine with garlic, hot pepper and herbs


spanish classic flavorful bechamel rolled in bread crumbs and egg, then fried

Chorizo Al Ajo

roasted mexican chorizo with olive oil, dry red pepper and whole garlic

Chorizo Sausage

sauteed in olive oil, garlic, herbs and spanish paprika, served with papas con rajas

Chorizo Cantimpalo

marinated in spanish paprika, olive oil, and garlic, sauteed in the griddle and served over papas con rajas

Vieras Con Azafran

sea scallops sauteed with spinach and topped with saffron sauce

Vieras Bahia

sea scallops flour dusted, sauteed with mexico mix, lemon juice, butter and finished with beer

Tortilla Espanola

spanish omelette, potatoes, eggs, onion, green pepper, and a touch of garlic, served cold or hot


a variety of mushrooms, portabello, oyster, button and crimini sauteed in garlic, white wine, parsley and roasted pimentos

Filetito De Salmon

fresh salmon filet sauteed with lemon, capers, parsley finish with butter

Solomillo De Cerdo Al Jerez

pork tenderloin sauteed in a sweet sherry cream sauce served with papas con rajas


spanish style de pollo meatballs sauteed with almonds and spanish brandy cream sauce

Filete De Buey Con Cabrales

thin sliced sirloin steak, seared and served over house potatoes with a cabrales cream sauce

Guacamole "oaxaca"

traditional "oaxaca" style guacamole made fresh to order with cilantro, onion, jalapeno pepper, tomato and avacado served with chips in the traditional "molcajete"

Tamales Del Norte

corn masa with chicken, jalapenos, and tomatoes wrapped in corn husk

Portabello Champinon

tender portabello mushrooms lightly sauteed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar sauce, garnished with cabrales blue cheese and pine nuts

Chips Y Salsa

chips and salsa freshly made on the premises

Cebollines A La Parrilla

grilled fresh scallions, seasoned and served with romesco sauce and shredded manchego cheese

Pato A La Levantina

duck breast, sauteed and oven roasted. served with orange liquor reduction and cashew nuts

Chorizo De Toluca

toluca style chorizo, sauteed with tequila-cilantro butter and served over potatoes

Alitas De Pollo

chicken wings, tossed with our chipolte and served with cabrales sauce

Pollo Al Aijillo

diced chicken breast, cooked in olive oil with whole garlic, white wine, brandy, tomato and finished with butter

Carne De Buey En Jugo

hanger steak, sauteed with olive oil, garlic, cumin and herbs. served over grilled piquillos

Judias Verdes Con Almendras

green beans coated with eggs, fried with chipolte-honey mustard sauce and topped with toasted almonds

Higado De Ternera Encebollado

veal liver sauteed with onions and cumin butter sauce

Vicras Con Azafran

sea scallops sauteed with spinach and topped with saffron sauce

Jamon, Chorizo Y Queso

serrano ham, chorizo cantimpalo and manchego cheese with olive oil

Sopa De Frijoles Negros

black bean soup, garnished with tomato, sour cream and cheese


cold tomato and vegetable soup, served with traditional garnishes

Sopa De Posole

traditional mexican soup of corn, chicken, cilantro, and onion

Ensalada Del Jardin

garden salad, mixed greens with tomato, cucumbers and red onion and pimento served with house vinaigrette

Caesar Salad

created in tijuana, mexico, traditional romaine lettuce and caesar dressing

Paella Valenciana

fresh seafood shrimp, mussels, clams with chicken and chorizo in a rich saffron rice

Paella Marinera

traditional saffron rice with shrimp, clams, mussels, scallops, calamari and flavored with seafood stock

Paella Catalana

saffron rice sauteed with vegetables, pork tenderloin, chorizo, lamb chops and chicken flavored with brandy and spanish paprika

Pescado Veracruz

fresh fish, sauteed, topped with tomatoes, capers, onions, olives, peppers and white wine

Cazuela De Camarones Y Vieiras

large shrimp and sea scallops in a lobster champagne cream sauce, served over rice


large shrimp sauteed with tomato, onion, and garlic flavor with brndy, and served over spanish rice

Ropa Vieja

a famous cuban dish of shredded beef sauteed with onions, tomatoes, pimentos, garlic, aji and dry white wine, and served with fried plantains

Zarzuela De Mariscos

a medley of seafood, mussels, clams, shrimp, calmares, and fish in an olive oil, tomato, brandy, paprika and saffron sauce

Arroz A La Tumbada

traditional mexican rice dish with shrimp, scallops, and fish with white wine, fresh mint, cilantro and nopal

Camarones Conquistador

large shrimp wrapped in serrano ham, with chipolte sauce, served on a skewer

Pescado Indio

fresh fish crusted with plantains, grilled and served over rice and black bean sauce

Pechuga Oaxaquena

chicken breast served with traditional mole sauce, a secret recipe found in the south of mexico

Pollo Mexicano

sauteed chicken breast with hearts of palm, nopal and artichoke hearts in a tequila cream sauce

Chile Relleno

poblano chiles stuffed with chicken, tomatoes and onion, served with tomatillo sauce. stuffed with plain viajero cheese

Tamal De Mole

traditional mexican mole with chicken, wrapped in a corn masa, and steamed in a banana leaf

Gordero Asado

rack of lamb, rubbed with rosemary and served with black mole

Chuleta De Cerdo

center cut pork chop, marinated in vegetable and sesame oil, garlic, shallots, peppercorns, honey, and thyme, then grilled and topped with caramelized onions

Pote De Cordero Con Fruta

lamb shank stewed with dry fruits, rosemary and vinegar sauce

Salmon A La Navarra

filet of salmon sauteed with serrano ham, capers and finish with white wine

Vieras Salteadas

sea scallops sauteed with sherry, basil, fish stocks and finished with heavy cream, served with rice

Trucha Campesina

clear cut trout sauteed with capers and sliced serrano ham, finished with white wine and lemon butter sauce

Fajitas (beef, Chicken, Shrimp)

sauteed with poblano peppers and onions, garnished with sour cream and pico de gallo sizzling to your table


a choice of chicken, beef or chorizo

Enchiladas De Mole

served with traditional oaxacan dark mole

Enchiladas Verdes

served with tomatillo sauce

Cochinillo Asado (roast Suckling Pig)

must order two days in advance. for parties of 6 or more people

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