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Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)

fresh soy beans, streamed and salted

Spicy Edamame

hot and spicy soybeans

Age Dashi Tofu

fried silk tofu squares with a ginger broth

Shrimp Gyoza

minced shrimp dumplings served with a spicy garlic dipping sauce

Grilled Portabella

sliced portabella with green asparagus in ginger soy

Calamari Tastuta

fried calamari served with spicy tobikko sauce

Beef Maki

grilled beef rolled around asparagus, carrots with ginger teriyaki sauce

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

teriyaki chicken and fresh shitake mushrooms with limestone lettuce

Seafood Lettuce Wraps

shrimp, butter scallops and shitake mushrooms with limestone lettuce

Seaweed Salad

variety of japanese sea weed with a sesame vinaigrette

Tako Sunomono

octopus with japanese cucumber and sea kelp

Kani Sunomono

king crab with japanese cucumber and sea kelp

Kani Wasabi

king crab with fried asparagus and wasabi sauce

Spicy Ahi Tuna

sashimi tuna served with seasoned oil and garlic chili sauce

Hamachi Toro

sashimi yellowtail seared with bacardi 151 and blood orange ponzu


crab and avocado wrapped with tuna, salmon and whitefish

Wild Roll

spicy tempura shrimp with crab avocado and chili sauce

Boston Roll

king crab, avocado, cucumber, lettuce and japanese mayo

Naked Tuna

albacore tuna over spicy tuna and scallions


lobster, black caviar, avocado and scallions with white wasabi sauce

Salmon Fusion

salmon, avocado and masago in a tempura fried shell

Tuna Fusion

tuna, avocado and masago in a tempura fried shell

Dynamite Crab

crunchy soft shell crab with lettuce, avocado, masago and spicy sauce

Love Potion

breaded shrimp, salmon and scallions wrapped with avocado and masago


tuna, streamed shrimp and scallions with wasabi sauce

River Dragon

crab and avocado wrapped in a layer of river eel


crunchy soft shell crab wrapped with avocado and crab sauce

Ultimate Spicy Tuna

spicy tuna and avocado wrapped in ahi tuna


big roll with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado and masago

Paul's Big Roll

big roll with crab, mango, pine nuts, avocado and scallions

California No Mayo

crab stick, avocado and cucumber with masago


our famous crab and avocado with masago

California Hot Roll

tempura fried crab and avocado with sweet soy and chili sauce

California Shrimp

steamed shrimp, avocado and cucumber with masago

Spicy California

regular california roll with our spicy sauce

Spicy Thai Shrimp

breaded tiger shrimp with tomato, avocado and sweet chili sauce

Tempura Shrimp

tempura fried tiger shrimp with cream sauce

Eel And Cucumber, Asparagus Or Avocado

river eel with choice of vegetable


salmon with scallions

Spicy Salmon

salmon and scallions with spicy chili sauce

Spicy Tuna

tuna and scallions with spicy chili sauce


ahi tuna tekka


yellowtail with scallions



Fatty Tuna


Albacore Tuna




Smoked Salmon

fumiyaki shake



Fatty Yellowtail

hamachi toro





Sweet Prawn (raw)




Alaskan King Crab


Maine Lobster

ise ebi





Surf Clam




Smelt Roe


Salmon Roe


Sea Urchin


Sea Eel


River Eel




Individual Sashimi

a chefs cut of fish is available for most sushi types. prices are approximately twice the listed sushi prices.

Small Sashimi

tuna, salmon & yellowtail

Medium Sashimi

5 different types of fish

Chefs Choice

6 sushi and daily roll

Cucumber Roll

cucumber 8 pcs

Asparagus Roll

asparagus 8 pcs

Avocado Roll

hass avocado 8 pcs

Mushroom Roll

enoki and kampyo 8 pcs

Natto Roll

pickled soybeans 6 pcs

Ume & Shiro Roll

plum and mint 6 pcs

Tempura Asparagus

tempura fried asparagus 8 pcs

Salmon Skin

salmon and avocado 5 pcs


egg, crab, cucumber, masago and kampyo 5 pcs

Tekka Don

sliced tuna over rice

Spicy Tekka Don

spicy sliced tuna over rice


assorted sushi over rice

Spicy Chirashi

spicy assorted sushi over rice

Chicken Breast

14 oz free range, boneless organic chicken served with teriyaki sauce

Chicken Stir Fry

white chicken breast stir fry with seasonal vegetables

Angus Stir Fry

12 oz angus strip stake stir fry with seasonal vegetables

Rib Eye

16 oz. bone in rib eye black angus with streamed vegetables and teriyaki sauce

New York Strip

12 oz boneless angus strip served pan fried with garlic teriyaki sauce

Fire Steak

12 oz boneless angus strip served with chili garlic sauce

Filet Mignon

8 oz angus filet served with garlic butter and ginger teriyaki sauce

Kobe Ribeye

12 oz boneless ribeye #8 marbling japan kobe tenderness with dramatic flavor

Kobe Stir Fry

12 oz boneless ribeye #8 marbling japan grilled then sliced with fresh seasonal vegetables

Asian Fries

crispy idaho potatoes

Tempura Onion Ring

sweet red onion

Tempura Mushrooms

fresh shitake mushrooms

Vegetable Tempura

fresh mushrooms, sweet yams, onions and peppers lightly fried in dry tempura flour

Shrimp Tempura

two prawn and fresh vegetables lightly fried in dry tempura flour

Asahi Wings

garlic teriyaki wings

Kirin Wings

hot, sour and very spicy wings

Godaiko Wings

sweet, spicy, w/fresh chilies

Pina Colada Wings

passion fruit, pineapple and sesame


flame broiled marinated ahi tuna, avocado, tomato and wasabi dressing

King Salmon Burger

grilled wild salmon, avocado, pickled ginger and wasabi dressing

California Burger

hibachi chicken breast, bacon, luttuce, tomato and wasabi dressing

Mongolian Steak Burger

sliced strip steak, bacon, lettuce, tomato and wasabi dressing

Godaiko Kobe Burger

1/2 lbs ground kobe beef, bacon, lettuce, tomato and wasabi dressing

Sumo Kobe Burger

1 lbs ground kobe beef bacon, lettuce, tomato and wasabi dressing

Godaiko House Salad

romaine salad with vegetables, pine nuts and somen noodles served with ginger dressing

California Chicken Salad

grilled free range teriyaki chicken with avocados, pine nuts, somen noodles and ginger dressing

California Crab Salad

king crab and shrimp with avocado, pine nuts, somen noodles and ginger dressing

Godaiko Bento Box

popular combination of sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, tempura and grilled food

Tempura Mori

five jumbo prawn and seasonal fresh vegetables


breaded kurobuta pork loin cutlets

Hibachi Beef Teriyaki

14 oz thin sliced strip steak served with teriyaki sauce

Una Don

9 oz whole, grilled river eel served over rice

Lobster & Shrimp Stir Fry

maine lobster and gulf shrimp with fresh red and green peppers, napa and carrots

Chilean Sea Bass

12 oz sea bass served with a spicy tomato and clam sauce

Ahi Tuna Steak

12 oz seared sashimi tuna served with a sweet miso sauce

Northern Atlantic Salmon

12 oz salmon filet served with a chilled creme or teriyaki sauce

Nabeyaki Udon

tempura shrimp, chicken and a coddled egg with udon noodles and broth

Tempura Udon

tempura shrimp and fresh vegetables with udon noodles and broth

Kamonanan Udon

roast duckling and vegetables with udon noodles and broth

Spicy Beef Udon

thin sliced rare beef with udon noodles and broth

Very Berry Creme Torte

lucious berries and tart keylime w/ belgium white chocolate

Amaretto Torte

alomds & strawberries w/amaretto liquor cake

Ultimate Chocolate Cake

creamy chocolate cake in rich chocolate ganache

Tempura Ice Cream

ice cream and cake fried to a golden crisp

Tempura Cheesecake

cheesecake fried in tempura till golden brown

Ice Creams And Sorbet

green tea, red bean, ginger, vanilla, plum wine sorbet and mango sorbet

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