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123 W Washington St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Ginger Lemon Tea - Hot Or Iced

a zesty, all-natural, herbal infusion made with ginger, lemon, and honey. a sweetwaters' original handcrafted daily.

Chai - Hot Or Iced

sweet & spicy blend of organic black tea, honey, vanilla, and spices mixed with milk. try a soy milk version!

Thai Iced Tea

a blend of black tea, vanilla & cinnamon poured over ice & topped with half & half.

Iced Teas

imperial black, jasmine, passion fruit, and ginger lemon


organic & grown in west bengal, india, this darjeeling tea has a darker infusion & more complex flavor than other first flushes. green, gold & black leaves create a lively aroma with a hint of muscatel grapes.

Earl Grey

hearty black tea flavored with 100% real bergamot oil. the most elegant earl grey we've tasted!

Dragon Pearl Jasmine

an exceptional green tea made from hand-rolled silvery tips, dried admist fresh jasmine blossoms for an exquisite aroma and taste.


traditional japanese green tea enhanced with roasted & popped rice. a green tea with a mild & savory cup.

Wood Dragon Oolong

one of taiwan's most popular teas. this taiwanese twig tea has a strong roasted flavor due to an extra firing after the tea is made. hand processed by a family of tea artisans. the unique appearance matches its wonderful taste.

White Peony

a sweet, mild, and delicate tea. this steamed & air dried tea is minimally processed and is very low in caffeine. for the best flavor use a long steep.


herbal tea with real chrysanthemum blossoms offering mild floral notes & excellent visual appeal.

Greek Mint

aromatic, smooth, and buttery but not sharp. from the central mainland of greece.

Empress Flower

a sweetwaters' original. two great teas brought together in this regal blend. dragon pearl jasmine & chrysanthemum teas are combined to make a sweet & aromatic cup. best served with a good book, peace and quiet.

English Breakfast

a ceylon blend. coppery & bright but not overpowering. a perfect early morning tea.

Imperial Black

our most popular japanese green tea. a steamed green tea with a clean finish and a bright, fresh taste.

Lemony Gunpowder

flavored green tea made of traditional gunpowder green tea with a hint of lemon to brighten the flavor.

Japanese Sencha

our most popular japanese green tea. a steamed green tea with a clean finish and a bright, fresh taste.


scented green tea with actual jasmine blossoms. great iced.

Ti Quan Yin

one of china's most famous teas. browner than most oolongs, this tea is light in cup & rich in aroma.


egyptian blossoms with a strong, fresh scent reminiscent of green apples. the perfect soothing tea.

Mandarin Orange Rooibos

south african red tea. naturally sweet and said to have many health benefits including containing a high level of antioxidants and vitamin c. the all natural mandarin orange flavor makes this tea pleasantly fruity and sweet.

Ginger Lemon

a zesty, all-natural, herbal infusion made with ginger, lemon, and honey. a sweetwaters' original handcrafted daily.

Cinnamon Spice

a black tea blend with 3 types of cinnamon, orange peels & cloves... tea with a kick!

Passion Fruit

fruity black tea, tastes excellent iced!

Decaf Earl Grey

decaffeinated ceylon tea scented with bergamot oil.


espresso, cream, ice, and whipped cream merge to make this dragon really roar.


a luxurious dragon wrapped in chocolate, espresso, cream, and ice with a finishing touch of whipped cream.


the sweetest dragon of them all...caramel, espresso, cream, and ice blended and topped with whipped cream.

Strawberry Bliss

real strawberries, yogurt, and vanilla cream blended into the perfect frozen treat. (coffee free)

Lemonade Freeze

the sweet punch of lemonade splendidly captured in icy bliss. finally, a dragon that'll play nice. (coffee free)

Strawberry Lemon Freeze

fresh strawberries and lemonade adorn our cutest dragon - sweet and tart - just in time for summer! seasonal. (coffee free)


espresso, milk, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. a sweetwaters' classic.

Napali Brew

inspired by the sandy beaches of hawaii's napali coast. get whisked away by vanilla ice cream blended with espresso and hazelnut syrup and topped with whipped cream.

Coco Cafe

chocolate, vanilla ice cream and espresso - who said you can't have it all?


classic milkshakes in chocolate or vanilla. for more goodness, ask for it malted!

Birch Beer Float

feel like a kid again! a big scoop of vanilla ice cream drenched in boylan's creamy red birch beer.

Hot Chocolate


milk steamed with a syrup of your choice. almond - hazelnut - vanilla

Ginger Fizz

our in-house ginger ale. handcrafted and deliciously refreshing.

Italian Soda

sparkling soda water with your choice of flavored syrup. blackberry - raspberry - strawberry


Anytime Of Day

yogurt parfaits, quiche, breakfast bistros, sandwiches, soups


bagels, muffins, scones, coffeecake, fruit bars, cookies, biscotti


chocolate berries, gummi bears, caramel marshmallows, chocolate toffee almonds


lemonberry kisses, chocolate mountain, mom's chocolate cake, big apple pie

Dragon Eye

a hypnotizing blend of our house coffee and sweetened condensed milk. a tribute to the year of the dragon

French Vietnamese Au Lait

a masterpiece of sweetwaters dark roasted french chicory coffee & sweetened condensed milk. an asian finish to a french coffee

Creme Caramel

a delicious caramel coated vanilla latte topped with whipped cream. the perfect mix of sweet and rich - your sugar daddy in a cup

Monkey Cap

give your tail a spin with this chocolate cappuccino. espresso, chocolate, and perfectly frothed milk.


choose between our bold house espresso or our style, smooth, premium abianno espresso.


one, two or three shots of espresso gently blen milk. a tasty treat that's sure to warm your heart


same as our cappuccino but mixed with nicely makes it unique? a whole latte love, of course.


a wondrous mix of espresso, cocoa, and steamed with whip cream. we dare you not to drink it in a

Caramel Mocha

our mouth watering mocha with luscious caramel worthy indulgent


one part sweetwaters coffee. one part hot water perfection.

Red Eye

need more caffeine than a cup of joe? a shot of this drink a joit

Espresso Macchiato

espresso with a silky dollop of foam on top

House, Decaf, Organic & Fair Trade Coffees

a superb collection of daily brews. call or visit you

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