Piccadilly Cafeteria

4273 Robinson St, Jackson, MS 39209

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Chicken Cacciatore

chicken simmered in a tangy, herbed tomato sauce mixed with spaghetti.

Chicken Teriyaki with Polynesian Rice

tender chicken simmered in a sweet soy-based sauce.

Chicken Tetrazzini

a creamy, homestyle casserole of chicken, noodles and cheese.

Baked Cajun Chicken Breast

baked boneless chicken breast with a cajun butter

Baked Italian Chicken Breast

baked boneless chicken breast flavored with italian herbs.

Blackened Chicken Breast

chicken breast dusted with cajun spices and seared to perfection

Southwestern Chicken Breast with Yellow Rice

chicken breast rubbed with southwestern spices and baked.

Spicy Cajun Chicken

tender chicken with a spicy cajun kick.

Spanish Chicken

boneless skinless chicken breast grilled and topped with mozzarella, cheddar cheese and fried tortilla strips, placed over spanish sauce.

Coconut Fried Chicken Tenders

chicken breast tenders, breaded with a bit of coconut sweetness and golden fried.

Fried Chicken Tenders

golden fried chicken tenders.

Baked Chicken

a chicken quarter, seasoned and baked for just the right amount of time.

Fried Chicken

piccadillys famous southern classic, battered and fried until golden brown, crispy and delicious.

Turkey and Dressing

enjoy the flavors of thanksgiving all year round.

Turkey Pie

a classic pot pie preparation

Chicken Fried Steak

tender angus steak fried until golden brown and delicious.

Spaghetti and Meat Sauce

ground beef browned and simmered in a tangy, herbed tomato sauce

Spaghetti and Meatballs

the ultimate italian-american comfort food.

Swiss Steak

steak braised to tender perfection, served in a rich sauce.

Steak with Bacon and Cheese

tender ground steak topped with bacon and melted cheese.

Steak with Mushrooms

tender ground steak topped with sauteed mushrooms

Philly Cheese Steak

tender ground steak topped with traditional philly cheese steak toppings sauteed onions, mushrooms and melted cheese.

Roast Beef

seasoned, roasted to juicy perfection and sliced to order.

Chopped Steak, 5.3 Ounce

ground angus beef, lightly shaped into a patty and grilled to perfection.

Chopped Steak, 10 Ounce

ground angus beef, lightly shaped into a patty and grilled to perfection

Broiled Liver with Grilled Onions

a time-honored classic tender liver broiled and served with grilled onions

Blackened Pork Chop with Fettuccini Alfredo

cajun spice-rubbed 8 oz. pork chop seared to perfection and served with pasta in a creamy alfredo sauce.

Pork Chop with Dijon Cream Sauce

8 oz. pork chop lightly dusted with seasoned flour and grilled. topped with a dijon cream sauce.

Grilled Pork Chop with Southern Piquant Sauce

grilled pork chop served with a tangy, tomato-based sauce.

Smothered Pork Chop

tender 8 oz. pork chop smothered in a buttermilk gravy.

Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Pork Sausage

a new orleans classic creamy red beans with rice and smoked pork sausage.

Southwest Style Pork Chop

tender pork chop seasoned with the flavors of the southwest and caramelized onions

Pork Cutlet

a 4 oz. serving of pork tenderloin, dusted with seasoned bread crumbs and fried to a golden brown.

Crawfish Etouffee

plump crawfish smothered in a rich, spicy cajun sauce.

Cajun Baked Fish

fillets dipped in a cajun butter and baked until lightly flaky, topped with a butter sauce.

Fried Fish

battered and fried to golden brown perfection.

Parmesan-Crusted Fish

fish fillet crusted with parmesan cheese and lightly fried until golden brown

Fish with Shrimp Cream Sauce

fish fillet baked with a rich shrimp cream sauce

Salmon Patties

salmon and potatoes formed into patties and fried until golden brown.

Shrimp Diablo

shrimp simmered in a spicy tomato sauce, served with steamed rice

Blackened Shrimp with Fettuccini Alfredo

cajun-spice blackened shrimp tossed with fettuccini.

Shrimp Creole and Rice

shrimp simmered in a tomato-based creole sauce.

Butterflied Fried Shrimp

large butterflied shrimp, breaded and fried until crispy and golden brown

Shrimp Scampi and Fettuccini

shrimp simmered in a garlic butter sauce, tossed with fettuccini.

Baby Lima Beans

baby limas slow-cooked to creamy perfection.

Macaroni and Cheese

the ultimate comfort food a creamy mixture of tender pasta and melted cheese

Mashed Potatoes

light, fluffy mashed idaho potatoes.

French Fries

fried golden brown, served hot and lightly salted.

Fried Okra

a southern favorite sliced okra lightly battered and fried until crispy and golden.

Broccoli Florets

mildly seasoned steamed broccoli.

Broccoli and Rice Au Gratin

a delicate, flavorful mixture of broccoli, tender rice and melted cheese.

Green Beans

tender green beans, lightly seasoned with bacon.


whole grain corn kernels, lightly seasoned.

Carrot Souffle

this subtly sweet souffle is one of piccadillys most popular dishes.

Buttered Steamed Cabbage

a tasty side, steamed and buttered.

Buttered Baby Carrots

young carrots, cooked until tender, basted with melted butter.

Turnip Greens

turnip greens and diced turnips simmered with bacon until tender.

Buttered Okra

seasoned whole okra with a touch of butter.

Smothered Okra

sliced okra sauteed with onions and tomatoes.

Black-Eyed Peas

slowly cooked until tender.

Yellow Squash & Zucchini

yellow squash with zucchini, onions and red bell peppers grilled to a light crisp.

Boiled New Potatoes

petite new potatoes boiled until perfectly tender.

Candied Sweet Potatoes

a traditional favorite.


fresh-cut chunks of watermelon, sweet and red

Fresh Strawberries and Banana

bite-size pieces of ripe banana and sweet strawberries tossed in a strawberry dressing.

Broccoli Madeline

chopped broccoli, smoky bacon, shredded cheese, chopped onions and sweet raisins in a creamy dressing.

Broccoli Salad

fresh broccoli tossed with onions, cherry tomatoes, olives and a mayonnaise-based dressing

Carrot and Raisin Salad

a sweet treat shredded carrots and sweet raisins tossed with a touch of creamy pineapple dressing.

Italian Rotini Salad

corkscrew pasta tossed with olives and red bell peppers in a tangy italian dressing.

Pasta Salad

a traditional crowd pleaser penne pasta chilled and tossed with our secret herbs.

Marinated Mushrooms

fresh button mushrooms tossed with purple onions, green bell pepper and piccadillys famous italian dressing.

Pea Salad

a timeless classic green peas mixed with boiled eggs, cheddar cheese, onions and diced red peppers, tossed in a mayonnaise base

Spiced Beets

beets tossed with a touch of vinegar.

Italian Salad Bowl

iceberg lettuce topped with our olive salad, romano cheese and an anchovy fillet.

Spinach Salad

fresh spinach with onions, celery, bacon pieces, boiled eggs and fresh tomatoes. served with your favorite dressing.

Cucumber and Tomato Salad

chilled cucumbers and ripe red tomatoes tossed in a vinegar-based dressing.

Piccadilly Fruit Salad

a sweet combination of pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, grapes and other fruits.

Spring Salad Bowl

iceberg and romaine mixed with purple cabbage, radishes and fresh tomatoes, served with your favorite dressing.

Caesar Salad

fresh romaine lettuce, croutons and parmesan cheese in a classic caesar dressing

Neptune Salad

a crabmeat salad with onion and celery in a mayonnaise-based dressing.

Piccadilly Club Salad

a classic club salad preparation sliced turkey and ham, hardboiled egg and croutons over iceberg lettuce.

Southwest Fiesta Chicken Salad

a mesquite smoked grilled chicken salad with the flavors of the southwest.

Cream of Broccoli Soup

rich, creamy soup with bits of broccoli

Seafood Gumbo

the dish that defines new orleans cuisine shrimp, crabmeat and okra simmered in a roux-thickened broth, served over rice.

Shrimp and Corn Soup

tender shrimp and sweet corn in a creamy broth.

Vegetable Soup

a mixture of tender vegetables simmered in a tomato-infused vegetable broth.

Tomato and Macaroni Soup

a traditional tomato soup with macaroni noodles.

Chicken and Rice Soup

tender bits of chicken, carrot and rice simmered in a savory chicken stock.


soft dinner rolls, light and delicate, served warm.

Whole Wheat Rolls

dinner rolls made with wheat flour.

Garlic Bread

warm, crusty bread, enriched with garlic and butter.

Corn Sticks

a cornbread version of bread sticks.

Mexican Cornbread

cornbread flavored with onion, bell pepper and jalapeno

Black Forest Cake

layers of chocolate cake with whipped cream and cherries.

Cherry-Topped Cheesecake with a Cookie Crumb Crust

rich creamy cheesecake in a cookie crumb crust with a sweet cherry topping.

Devils Food Cake

dark and delicious. moist chocolate cake with rich chocolate icing.

Italian Cream Cake

coconut pecan cream cake with rich cream cheese icing.

Strawberry Cake

moist yellow cake with strawberry icing topped with fresh sweet strawberries.

Triple Chocolate Cake

an indulgence rich, moist and decadent.

Chocolate Pecan Cream Pie

two pies in one. pecan pie on the bottom topped with chocolate cream pie.

Apple Cobbler

cinnamon-laced sweet apples cooked in a buttery, flaky crust.

Blackberry Cobbler

sweet blackberries cooked in a buttery, flaky crust.

Peach Cobbler

sweet peaches cooked in a buttery, flaky crust.

Caramel Custard

creamy sweet custard.

Old-Fashioned Brownie

rich, moist chocolate brownie.

Brownie Delight Petite Treat

rich, baked chocolate treat in a bite-sized portion.

Chocolate Mousse Petite Treat

rich, creamy chocolate treat.

Cookies & Cream Petite Treat

cool, creamy cookies & cream treat.

Dutch Apple Petite Treat

spiced dutch apple treat.

Lemon Dream Petite Treat

cool, creamy lemon treat.

Red Velvet Petite Treat

moist red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.

Buttermilk Chess Pie

classic buttermilk chess pie with a hint of coconut in a flaky crust.

Cherry Pie

plump red cherries in a flaky crust.

Custard Pie

rich, creamy custard in a flaky crust.

Lemon Ice Box Pie

rich, creamy and tart in a cookie crumb crust.

Mississippi Mud Pie

deep, dark, creamy chocolate pudding, cream cheese, whipped topping and pecans in a cookie crust.

Chocolate Satin Peanut Butter Pie

smooth, creamy peanut butter and cream cheese filling topped with a ganache.

Strawberry Cream Pie

flaky crust with fresh strawberries and strawberry glaze.

Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce

a classic dessert moist custard baked with bread and served with a rum sauce.

Pumpkin Pie

spiced pumpkin pie filling in a flaky crust.

Strawberry Shortcake

sweet, ripe strawberries, whipped cream and yellow cake

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