Korea Palace

208 Piermont Rd, Closter, NJ 07624

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Neng Myun

handmade buckwheat noodle (chilled tangy beef broth or spicy gochu sauce)

Tigim Udong

shrimp tempura udon noodle soup

Kalbi Jim

prime beef ribs simmered in honey soy sauce

Undaegoo Jorim

alaskan black cod, tofu and radish simmered in garlic soy sauce

Nong Uh Guyi

grilled chilean sea bass glazed with chili paste

Kajemi Tigim

crispy fried whole flounder with ginger & scallion


rib eye , chicken, salmon or eel teriyaki ( add $2)

Bo Ssam

steamed pork belly meat with radish kimchi and fresh oysters on the side

Agu Jim

wok-sauteed monk fish and bean sprouts

Tangsoo Yook

sweet and sour (beef, pork or chicken)

Yook Hwe

marinated beef tartare with asian pears & fresh cucumber

Full Moon

prime beef short ribs bbq served with homemade mandoo gook

Park Ave

marinated & broiled thinly sliced rib eye served with sizzling stone bibimbop

Lexington Ave

prime beef short ribs bbq served with neng myun

Little Korea

broiled croaker fish served with dwenjang jige

Haemool Juhngol

spicy assorted seafood steamboat

Bulnak Juhngol

beef rib eye & octopus steamboat

Kimchi Mandoo Juhngol

spicy homemade vegetable dumpling kimchi steamboat

Udon Noodle


(meat or veges)

Palace Petit Four

Ricotta Cheese Cake

Blood Orange Mousse

Apple Strudel

Ice Cream

Seasonal Fruits

Single Malt

Pa Jun

scallion pancake (choice of seafood or kimchi)

Jab Chae

sauteed korean glass noodles (seafood or beef)

Man Doo

home made pan-fried or steamed dumpling (meat or vegetables)

Gul Jeon

oyster and leek mini pancake

Nakji Bokeum

spicy sauteed octopus or squid with somen noodle

Dooboo Kimchi

spicy sauteed kimchi and tofu (add pork $2)

Kimchi Spring Roll

kimchi stuffed spring rolls with peanut sauce

Pyun Chae

thinly sliced roast beef with mixed greens

Donyook Taco

grilled & marinated spicy pork loin in a baby milky bun

Saewoo Tigim

shrimp & vegetable tempura

Hanchi Tigim

crispy herbs calamari with spicy dipping sauce

Tuk Bok

spicy pan-seared rice cake with udon noodle

Mini Chicken Katsu

bite-sized chicken cutlet

Busut Bokeum

sauteed portobello and button mushrooms

Dak Kalbi

spicy-honey glazed chicken wings

Fresh Garden Greens

with ginger dressing

Kara Age Salad

organic greens topped with fried chicken breast

Shrimp Salad

fried shrimp and mixed greens with sweet soy dressing


boiled baby green soybeans sprinkled with sea salt

Premium Kalbi

boneless prime beef short ribs


marinated prime rib steak cubes


marinated prime beef short ribs


thinly sliced marinated rib eye

Deung Sim

premium rib eye steak


thinly sliced beef brisket

Hyuh Mit

thinly sliced beef tongue

Dweji Guyi

pork belly meat marinated in spicy gochu sauce

Dak Guyi

chicken breast marinated in spicy gochu sauce


berkshire pork kurobuta sausage

Sae Woo

tiger shrimp


sea scallop


marinated portobello mushroom

Palace Meat Combo (A)

prime kalbi, joomooluk, hyuh mit, sausage

Palace Meat Combo (B)

bulgoki, dewji guyi, dak guyi, sausage

Palace Seafood Combo

shrimp, scallop, octopus, squid, mussel


Guht Juhree

spicy marinated lettuce salad

Button Mushrooms

Roast Garlic

Sizzling Stone Bowl

Earthen Bowl

second, choose a favorite topping & rice (white or brown)






Sashimi (Add 3)

only available in a earthen bowl & no egg


spicy seafood & vegetable soup in a hot clay pot

Maewoon Tang

spicy cod fish & vegetable soup in a hot clay pot

Kalbi Tang

prime short ribs and radish in beef consomme

Sigumchi Gook

spinach and little neck clam miso soup

Dwenjang Jige

soybean paste stew pot (beef or seafood)

Soondooboo Jige

spicy silky tofu stew pot (beef, seafood or kimchi)

Kimchi Jige

kimchi and thinly sliced pork belly meat stew

Yook Ge Jang

spicy shredded flank steak and scallion soup

Mandoo Gook

homemade dumpling and rice cake soup (meat or vegetable)

Kori Gomtang

healthy oxtail soup

Samge Tang

korean ginseng stuffed whole chicken soup

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