Alpen Sierra Coffee Co.

2222 Park Pl, Minden, NV 89423
Monday's hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm (Hours of Service May Vary)
Alpenglow House Blend

our signature house blend! multi-roast blend with dark roast finish. sweet and spicy aroma with deep, complex and rich flavor. full body, moderate acidity.

Big Blue Tahoe Blend

a multi-roast blend of premium coffees. the flavor is rich and nutty, followed with silky-smooth, sweet notes and a long and lingering finish

Certified Organic Alpenglow House Blend

dark roast finish. signature blend using three organic origins and one organic traditional blend. sweet and spicy aroma with deep, complex, rich flavor. moderate acidity, full body. lingering sweet aftertaste.

Certified Organic Big Blue Tahoe Blend

a multi-roast blend of premium organic coffees. the flavor is rich and nutty, followed with silky-smooth, sweet notes and a long and lingering finish.

Certified Organic French Roast

full-dark roast. traditional blend using three origins. intense, smooth and sweet. moderate acidity, full body. solid, heavy lingering aftertaste.

Decaf Alpenglow House Blend

medium, full-city, dark roast. a blend of four roast levels. complex, sweet and spicy aroma and flavor. full body and mild, balanced acidity.

Decaf Colombia

medium roast. sweet aroma and flavor with overtones of caramel. mild acidity, medium body. a wonderful breakfast coffee.

Decaf French Roast

dark roast. a blend of central, south american and indonesian coffees. intense carmelized aroma and nutty flavor. mild acidity, full body.

Decaf Guatemala

full-city roast. subtle sweet aroma and smooth flavor. mild acidity, medium body.

Decaf Italian Roast

dark roast. a blend of east african, central american and indonesian coffees. fruity, spicy aroma and flavor. mild acidity, full body. our choice for decaf espresso.

China Bai Mu Dan

the dry leaf and infusion is a medley of colors and textures producing an extraordinary perfumed liquor suggesting lilacs and lily of the valley.

China Genmaicha

an japanese style blend of toasted brown rice kernels and bancha green tea yields a well-balanced, fresh, vegetal brew of medium astringency.

China Long Jing Dragonwell

this tea classic of zhejiang, china, has lovely light green leaf with golden highlights, a clean, light liquor boasting flavors of sweet grass and roasted chestnuts.

China Pinhead Gunpowder

the larger-sized rolled leaves yield a deep tawny-green liquor with a slightly fruity, smokey-spice flavor.

China Silver Jasmine Pearl Tea

first quality! a robust, partially fermented green tea scented with jasmine blossoms and hand-rolled into tight "pearls", producing a delicate and floral liquor

Apricot Scented

a touch of marigold flower petals and essence of apricot enhance this bop grade china black tea.

Assam Tgfop

anblack tea from india. the handsome, tippy leaf offers a rich and heavy liquor.

Black Currant Scented

this orange pekoe black china tea has been blended with blackberry leaves and enhanced with essence of black currant to give it a full and smooth berry flavor.

Ceylon Supreme

this tea comes from a garden concerned with organic agriculture, biodynamics and progressive social programs for its workers. this is a classic ceylon, brisk, flavory and perfect for iced tea.

China Keemun

a superb tea from northern china. possesses a fine boquet, full body and sweet liquor.

Brazil Bobolink

from the dryer savanna-like cerrado region, this semi-washed brazil offers a deliciously smooth and soft cup. the dark roast degree adds intensity to the medium-bodied, honey-nuanced flavor and spicy finish.

Certified Organic Brazil

coop-produced. shade grown. dark roast. chocolaty and fruity aroma with a sweet flavor, exhibiting notes of spice and prunes. mild acidity, rich, medium body. cleanly disappearing aftertaste.

Certified Organic Peru Norte

ccoop produced. dark roast. complex aroma with notes of cedar, honey, vanilla and floral. delicate, yet full sweet flavor with notes of dark chocolate, malt and vanilla. mild acidity and velvety, round body. clean lingering aftertaste.

Certified Organic Sumatra Gayoland

coop produced, shade grown. dark roast. sweet, earthy aroma with malty, rich flavor. mild acidity, full body. solid, lingering aftertaste.

Sumatra Mandheling Grade 1

this lot comes to us from a new importer. the cup is malty rich and sweet with notes of dark chocolate and cinnamon on the finish. big body, long, delicious aftertaste.


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