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Hours of Service:

Monday: 8:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 8:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 8:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 8:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 8:00am - 10:00pm

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Sunday: 10:00am - 8:00pm

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Seasonal Strata

a quiche-like baked egg delight made with bacon, arugula, rustic bread, roasted red peppers, white vermont cheddar and gruyere cheese. served with a mixed green salad

Chilaquiles Frittata

a baked egg dish with corn tortillas, tomatoes, onion, roasted jalapenos and queso fresco. served with a roasted tomato salsa and a mixed green salad

Curry Bowl

todays curry dish served with our grain of the day

Buddha Bowl

todays grain, bean, sauteed greens, sweet potato and baked tofu. choose one sauce: peanut sauce, cashew sauce, honey orange sauce, sesame tamari vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette, sesame lime or evoo sub chicken for tofu add $1

Tea House Bowl

tea braised natural chicken salad, tao of green salad and our grain of the day vegan sub tofu

Napa Rolls

two soft spring rolls filled with your choice of tofu or natural chicken, napa cabbage, julienned carrots, and a blend of fresh mint, basil, cilantro and scallions served with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce.

Cheese Plate

a selection of three cheeses, fruit, rosemary honey and crackers. ask your server for today's selections

Mediterranean Plate

dolmas, olives, hummus, feta, and flatbread


House Made Organic Oat Granola

served with white mountain bulgarian yogurt, fresh fruit and honey. ask your server for today's selection

Seasonal Fruit Cup

add white mountain bulgarian yogurt $1.00.

Soups Of The Day

Soup And Scone Combo

soup and your choice of scone

Soup &salad Combo

soup and a side salad of mixed greens (tao of green or cashew caeser add $1.50)

Soup & Tea Sandwich Combo

soup and a half order of tea sandwiches. (add $1.00 for jasmine gravlax)

Honey Orange Jicama

organic mesclun greens and arugula with toasted hazelnuts, fennel, dried cranberries, red onion and balsamic dressing.

Creamy Cashew Caesar

a fresh and delightful take on the old standard young organic romaine hearts tossed in a tangy, creamy cashew dressing, garnished with roasted garlic croutons and toasted cashews.

Tao Of Green

shredded napa, purple, and green cabbage, romaine, carrots, daikon, peanuts, cilantro and scallions tossed with a sesame dressing. entree salad comes with your choice of natural chicken or tofu.

The Crescent

organic mixed greens tossed with balsamic dressing and topped with feta, kalamata olives, red onion, tomato and dolmas (vegan sub walnuts for feta).

Century Oaks Tea Service

tea sandwiches (choose two kinds), scone, spread, jam, tea cake of the day, tea cookie and a pot of premium tea, mug of chai or tea-tail. (for select tea add $1.00, for reserve tea add $2.00, for gravlax/salmon add $1.00).

Zen Tea Service

napa rolls (choose natural chicken or tofu), tao of green salad, matcha dusted brownie and a pot of premium tea, mug of chai or tea-tail. (for select tea add $1.00, for reserve tea add $2.00).

Kasbah Express

dolmas, hummus, feta, flatbread, assorted tea cookies and rosewater honey drizzled fruit served with a pot of premium tea, mug of chai or tea-tail. (for select tea add $1.00, for reserve tea add $2.00).

Scone Set

two scones, one spread and jam with a pot of premium tea, mug of chai or tea-tail. (for select tea add $1.00, for reserve tea add $2.00).

Children's Tea

(children 12 or under please). one tea sandwich from "kid's choice" list, scone, jam, tea cookie and fruit with a pot of premium tea, apple juice, or lemonade.


ask about today's sweet and savory selection

Tea Cake Of The Day

Tarts & Galettes

Pumpkin Creme Brulee

Deep Chocolate Caramel Cake

Flourless Chamomile Almond Torte

Autumn Pear Cake

Matcha Dusted Brownie

Tea Cookie Plate


Hand Held Cookies


Clotted Cream

Fig & Port Compound Butter

Texas Cream

Honey Butter


Lapsang Souchong Chicken Salad

tender braised natural chicken mixed with celery, green apples and scallions and dressed in our lapsang vinaigrette.

Lemon Edamame

a light and lemony edamame spread finished with scallion and cucumber

Pork Tenderloin

a malaysian inspired marinated pork tenderloin finished with cilantro, scallions and chili mayo.

Goat Cheese

with olive tapenade and arugula

Roast Beef

natural roast beef with caramelized onions, roasted red peppers and basil mayo.

Jasmine Gravlax

jasmine tea-cured atlantic salmon with cream cheese and thinly sliced cucumber.


the classic bacon, lettuce, tomato with basil mayo made tea sandwich style

Cream Cheese And Cucumber

the classic


natural turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato with basil mayo

Roast Beef With Chili Lime Tomatoes

natural roast beef, feta spread, arugula, sauteed chili lime tomatoes and carmelized onions.

Grilled Vegetable

butternut squash with sliced grilled portabella mushrooms, roasted eggplant, carmelized onions, arugula, walnuts and goat cheese, served warm. (vegan sub hummus).

Baked Tofu Sandwich

choose one: a) ginger tofu with cucumber, carrot, pickled onion, tomato, and hummus b) ttlt with tofu, tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato and basil veganaise

Grilled Cheese

white vermont cheddar, sundried tomato paste, and fresh basil grilled on sliced wheat or white bread

Croque Monsieur

our version of the classic french ham and cheese sandwich. broiled open faced with scallion aioli and tomato (veg sub tofu).

Kid's Choice

(children 12 or under please). white or wheat with a side of fruit substitute spelt or rice bread add $1.00. (choose one sandwich from list below: turkey (choose 2: lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo or mustard), apples slices or cucumber, with cream cheese, pb & j (sub organic almond butter $0.75), plain grilled cheese.

Hot Tea

choose from our tea list for this season's selections. please note that all of our teas are made to order and need the appropriate time to steep. for rice milk add $0.25 for agave nectar add $0.25. (pot of tea premium).

Iced Teas Of The Day

please see our daily list or ask your server arnold palmer style add $0.50.

Eastside Earl Chill

a blend of our bold and zesty eastside earl grey and cranberry juice

Kasbah Cooler

moroccan mint green tea, mint and pomegranate syrup, rose water (can be made non-caffeinated with hibiscus tea).


a cool breeze of the islands. the intensity of matcha (japanese green tea powder) is paired with the effervescence of lime, mint, sparkling water and a touch of cane sugar.

Fruit Cup

mixed berry tisane with yuzu honey (non-caffeinated)

Island Dream

coconut green tea shaken with pineapple syrup and a touch of pomegranate


a boost for the body and soul; yerba mate, lemon, lime, ginger, agave and aloe

Classic Masala Chai

a zesty blend of fine organic indian black teas and spices

Spring Buds Chai

a milder version of the classic with hints of vanilla and nutmeg

Chocolate Chipotle Chai

bold and vibrant with fine chocolate and chipotle

Pumpkin Chai

a winter special masala chai with pumpkin spices.

Matcha Freeze

japanese green tea and banana (indicate soy or dairy)

Berry Freeze

fruit tea, banana and berries (non-caffeinated)

Tropical Freeze

coconut green tea, banana, papaya, mango, pineapple and strawberry

Chocolate Chai Freeze

ghirardelli chocolate, organic chai, banana and your choice of soy or dairy

Hot: French Pressed To Order

Iced: Cold Steeped Toddy

choose black or "rocket"

Cafe Au Lait

double deep steeped cuvee and steamed milk

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Maine Root Sodas

ginger brew, root beer, lemon-lime

Mexican Coke

Organic Milk Box

Lemonades & Juices

San Pellegrino

Cielo Oxygenated Water

Bombay Breakfast, India, Premium

a malty and rich blend of high grown assam from in the brahamaputra region. great with or without milk.

English Breakfast (organic), Sri Lanka, China, Tanzania, Premium

an easy drinking, smooth way to start one's day.

Golden Langur Blend, India, Premium

a sweet and malty assam blend. a portion of each sale is donated to the world heritage center to help the preservation of endangered sites and species, such as the golden langur and the one-horned rhinoceros of assam.

Irish Breakfast (organic), Tanzania, Assam, Premium

for those looking for a bit more kick to the cup to get them started.

The Steeping Room Morning Blend, China, India, Premium

pepper, smoke, and wood undertones are a reminder of himalayan misty mornings.

The Steeping Room Classic Afternoon, China, Darjeeling, Nilgiri, Select

sweet jasmine pearls lace the muscat undertones of this 2nd flush darjeeling to make this the perfect afternoon cup to share with a friend. sweet, smooth, and uplifting.

Golden Monkey, Fujian, China, Select

gorgeous tippy self-drinking tea from fujian. notes of cocoa and honey sweetness with a pleasant aftertaste.

Keemun Hao Ya A, Anhui, China, Select

very toasty and winey. a complex tea with a lingering, sweet finish.

Keemun Mao Feng (organic), Hubei, China, Premium

a deliciously sweet, smooth and full-bodied tea.

Yunnan Gold Tips, China, Select

a tippy black tea with a smooth peppery taste. best taken black.

Castleton Darjeeling 2nd Flush Ftgfop1, India, Reserve

a fantastic tea from one of the most sought after darjeeling estates. lots of ripe fruit and nutiness with a medium body.

Harmutty Assam Tgfop1, India, Premium

very tippy with a malty, fruity aroma. great with milk.

Kairbetta Winterfrost Winey Nilgiri, India, Select

toasty with a good mouth feel and lots of body. it really is winey!

Kenilworth Op, Sri Lanka, Premium

a soft and smooth tea from the famed kenilworth tea estate. delicious for breakfast or midday.

Margaret's Hope Darjeeling 2nd Fl. Ftgfop1, India, Premium

this classic and much beloved 2nd flush from this world renowned estate might just make you a true believer in darjeeling.

Margaret's Hope Darjeeling Autumnal, India, Premium

classic, fruity, and sweet. much beloved by darjeeling aficionados.

Orange Valley Darjeeling 1st Flush Ftgfop1, India, Premium

well-balanced between fruitiness and astringency.

Tiger Hill Fop Nilgiri, India, Premium

this is a beautiful, easy drinking classic tea. clean, bright, and lively with hints of sugar, flowers and fruit.

Vithanakande Extra Special Ceylon Fbop Ex, Sri Lanka Select

a unique top-grade, classic black from this small family owned estate in ratnapura. brisk mouthfeel with hints of chocolate and honey with a fruity, biscuity finish.

Blackberry Patch, Premium

a true blackberry flavor with pieces of blackberry and blackberry leaves.

Chocolate Crunch, Premium

you really just can't go wrong with the coconut, vanilla, and chocolate in this blend.

Classic Grey, Premium

a blend of assam, ceylon, and nilgiri teas with the citrusy taste of bergamot.

Eastside Earl (organic), Premium

a more robust version of the classic. some say it's the best earl grey ever.

English Caramel, Premium

indian tea with caramel slivers. very decadent and delicious.

Georgetown Peach, Premium

if you're looking for a fabulous black peach tea, this is it!

Kashmiri Chai (organic), Premium

touches of tellicherry pepper, nutmeg and mint lift this traditional north indian chai to a new height.

Lady Grey, Premium

lavender flowers are a perfect compliment to a classic earl grey.

Lapsang Souchong, Wuyi Mountains, China (organic), Premium

a milder version of the pine smoked classic.

Lychee Black, China, Premium

one of our house favorites for ice tea, a must try. unbelievably sweet and delicious lychee fruit fills your cup.

Madagascar Vanilla, Premium

wonderful with sugar. a mellow and enticing flavor with real madagascar vanilla.

Mango Breeze, Premium

a cool tropical breeze of mango and pineapple.

Orange Chocolate Delight, Premium

dessert in a cup!

Orange Tiger, Premium

a warming ginger orange blend.

The Empress' Cup, China, Select

a rose scented black tea fit for royalty. truly one of the most delightful scented teas that we have ever tasted.

Vanilla Chai, Premium

a gentle version of the spicy giant. clove, cinnamon and a touch of cardamom lace this delightful vanilla infused tea.

Cinnamon Orange Spice Decaf, Premium

ceylon and china black teas with cinnamon, orange, spices, and peels.

Earl Grey Decaf, Premium

ceylon and nilgiri teas with natural oil of bergamot.

English Breakfast Decaf, Premium

a hearty blend from sri lanka and india.

Peach Decaf, Premium

a pleasing blend of ceylon and china black teas with peaches and flowers.

Ancient Snow Sprout (organic), Yunnan, Reserve

beautiful, downy buds imparting notes of peach and apricot. a sun-dried tea from old growth trees in jingmai mangjing.

Anxi Green, Zhejiang, Premium

a delicate and refreshing green. slight floral and vegetal flavor notes.

Dragonwell (organic), Zhejiang, Select

fragrant and fresh, a gorgeous classic tea. hints of roasted chestnut with a buttery aftertaste.

Gunpowder (organic), Zhejiang, Premium

no touch of bitterness here, but plenty of pow!

Genmaicha Extra Green, Shizuoka, Premium

an addictive green tea from japan with toasted rice and sencha. our is dusted with matcha. don't say we didn't warn you!

Gyokuro Kin, Shizuoka, Reserve

also know as "precious dew pearl, " gyokuro is a very famous tea in japan. partially shade grown to enhance the green color, flavor, and healthful properties. a very elegant tea with natural sweetness.

Houjicha, Shizuoka, Premium

a roasted tea with calming properties. very low caffeine. ours is a roasted bancha.

Kukicha, Shizuoka, Premium

sencha with stems and stalk, making a more mellow brew. very lightly roasted. said to give a vibrant and healthy spirit.

Muzi Traditional Matcha, Nishio, Reserve

this is the tea of the japanese tea ceremony truly a special beverage with spiritual significance. enormously healthful, matcha also promotes mental clarity and self-composure.

Sencha Shin-ryoku, Shizuoka, Reserve

great flavor-body balance. sweet, grassy, slightly herbaceous. a top grade japanese sencha.

Shiso Houjicha, Select

red shiso, a japanese herb, brings an intriguing and refreshing tartness to the toastiness of houjicha.

Beautiful Coconut, Premium

beautiful to behold, even better to drink. a very well-done blend.

Cantaloupe Lychee Flower (organic), Reserve

a gorgeous, aromatic hand-tied green tea that unfolds into a beautiful flower blossom in your pot.

Earl Green, Select

taiwanese pouchong leaves with bergamot from southern italy.

Jasmine Blueberry Green, Premium

succulent blueberries with the sweet floral notes of jasmine artfully blended with green tea. what more could you ask for?

Jasmine Green (organic), Fujian, China, Premium

the smell alone is intoxicating. this is not your standard chinese restaurant fare!

Jasmine Pearl (organic), Fujian, China, Select

lots of pretty white buds in these traditionally scented pearls from fujian. a classic.

Morning Dew, Premium

pan fired green tea with essence of lemon verbena. very refreshing and relaxing. a perfect tea to gently get you going.

Moroccan Mint, Premium

very refreshing. chinese gunpowder green with spearmint. great with a touch of sugar.

Spring Awakening, Premium

fruit infused japanese and chinese sencha impart an air of spring invoking cherry blossoms and new beginnings. truly enchanting - may very well lead to an awakening.

Strawberry Fragrance, Premium

sweet strawberry with vanilla. gentle and refreshing.

Summer Sun, Premium

a burst of summer fruit: sweet and tart rhubarb and raspberry harmonize with a light vanilla essence.

Sweet Celebration, Premium

when the tower glows orange, it's time to celebrate with this delicious cranberry and mango blend. hook em horns!

Turkish Delight, Premium

a green and black blend of indian, ceylon and sencha teas laced with jasmine, orange flower water, dates and rose. be transported on this magic carpet ride.

Ceylon Silver Tips, Sri Lanka, Reserve

a very unusual white tea from loinorn garden at the bogawantalawa estate. surpsingly sweet and malty with hints of spice. superb.

Drum Mountain White Peony, Fujian, China, Select

a wonderfully soft white tea from a famous clouds and mist mountaintop in fujian. smooth and sweet with a nutty aroma.

Silver Needle (organic), Fujian, China, Select

the genuine article. all downy buds making a subtle, sweet, aromatic tea.

White Peony King, Fujian, China, Reserve

an exquisite full-flavored white from the famous white tea producing county of fuding.

Five Fragrance White, Select

a wonderful blend of plum and berries with hints of jasmine, lychee, and schizandra. luscious!

Goji Berry White, Select

organic white tea with raw goji berries, lemon myrtle, and flower petals. a deliciously crisp, fruity, and healthful tea. goji berries are reputed to increase immunity and have high levels of anti-oxidants.

Jasmine Silver Needle (organic), Fujian, China, Select

beautiful downy buds lightly scented with jasmine. intoxicating.

Lemon Vanilla White (organic), Select

white tea from india with lemon myrtle and vanilla.

Mandarin Citrus White (organic), Select

jasmine scented white teas with australian lemon myrtle leaf, mandarin orange and grapefruit. smooth and refreshing.

Peach White (organic), Select

succulent peaches with a hint of tangerine. delicious.

Strawberry White (organic), Select

a summery fresh and light blend. refreshing.

Jade Oolong, Nantou, Taiwan, Select

sweet grass and orchid aromas. very mild and smooth.

2008 A-li-shan Oolong, Taiwan, Reserve

exquisite hand-harvested high mountain oolong from the a-li-shan region of taiwan. wonderful orchid aroma with full mouthfeel.

2008 Charcoal Roasted Oolong, Taiwan, Reserve

competition grade tung ting, medium roasted over charcoal. creamy, rich, fantastic.

2008 Tsao Ling Oolong, Taiwan, Reserve

a hand-harvested beauty from nan tou. deliciously with sweet floral and apricot notes and a wonderful jam-like body.

2007 Medium Roast Monkey Picked Iron Goddess, China, Reserve

a darker roasted ti kuan yin with fruit, honey and chocolate tones. highly recommended.

2007 Shui Hsien (organic), Fujian, China, Select

slightly smokey tea with a wonderful finish from the wuyi mountains.

2007 Formosa Wood Roasted Shui Xian, Taiwan, Reserve

a must try for oolong lovers. heavy wood roasting, 50 % oxidation, large hand-picked leaves. wood-roasted flavors predominate with vanilla and floral notes.

2007 Honey Dan Chong, Fujian, China, Reserve

this is all about the honey flavor and aroma. a rare guangdong single grove oolong.

Plum Oolong (organic), Select

a tart and fruity infusion with plum essence, rose hips, osthmanthus flowers, and schizandra berries.

2008 Bao Zhong, Pin Lin, Taiwan, Reserve

a truly beautiful taiwanese oolong. floral, clean and bright. light bodied but with a great presence. a must try.

2007 Jing Mei Tang Pu-erh, Yunnan, Select

(or $45/400g cake). a great everyday pu-erh. clear and bright with hints of sweetness and spice. very clean aroma and taste.

2003 Chen-guang-he Tang "yi Wu Zheng Shan" Pu-erh, Yunnan, Reserve

(or $100/357g cake). a round, mellow and deliciously fruity pu-erh. great spicy, woody notes. wonderful now, and also has excellent aging potential.

2000 Kumming Lan Yin Pu-erh, Yunnan, Reserve

(or $175/357g cake). a complex, robust, expressive slightly aged pu-erh. hints of smoke, wood, fruit, honey. a wonderful mouthfeel and energy.

Grand Leaf Pu-erh (organic), Yunnan, Premium

a rich, woodsy and intense loose-leaf pu-erh.

Tuocha, Yunnan, Premium

a full-bodied yet mellow easy drinker. each compressed "bird's nest" or tuo cha will yield multiple 12 16 oz servings. experience the depth of flavors unfold.

Ginger Pu-erh (organic), Yunnan, Select

ginger complements the pu-erh, lifting its earthy qualities with gentle fire-y spice. a wonderful after dinner digestif.

Orange Pu-erh (organic), Yunnan, Select

very sweet with a fresh citrus taste. a perfect combination of flavor and healthfulness. a great introduction to pu-erh.

Yerba Mate, Argentina, Premium

very invigorating and addictive. great with lemon and honey. a wonderful pick-me-up. has a vegetal, grassy taste. note: contains matteine, a stimulant similiar to caffeine.

Immortal's Blend, Premium

a delightful blend of blood orange, pear, and hibiscus light and refreshing. wonderful with a little bit of honey.

Strawberry Cream, Premium

a delicious and creamy strawberry-kiwi recipe.

Sweet Blueberry, Premium

a delicious blueberry tea with a dash of black currant, grape, and hibiscus.

Offering Of Mint (organic), Premium

peppermint with a touch of basil, clove and cardamom. very aromatic and minty. said to promote relaxation.

Perfect Night, Premium

a perfect herbal blend for a perfect night with organic chamomile, rosehips, lavender, roses, and pink peppercorns.

Summer Dusk, Premium

citrus-chamomile. just right to carry you off to your dreams.

Capetown Classic, Premium

a classic blend with hibiscus and floral notes.

Chocolate Banana Treat, Premium

truly a treat!! what could be better than chocolate and banana blended with rooibos and a dash of pink peppercorn? seriously...

Creme Brulee, Premium

sweet notes of toasted caramel and rooibos.

Evening Elegance, Premium

a gorgeous fruity, almondy, coconut concoction.

Rooi-coco, Premium

a sumptuous cocoa, almond, and rum melange.

Rooibos Chai (organic), Premium

rooibos, cardamom, mint, fennel, pepper and clove.

Summer Peach, Premium

green rooibos blended with sweet summer peaches.


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