Beans & Brews Coffee House

5608 S 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84121
Monday's hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm (Hours of Service May Vary)

a brew made from high- pressure water forced over finely ground coffee. the result ia a 1.75 ounce, rich, aromatic, extremely concentrated brew (strength; very strong )

Eye Opener

our french roast brew spiked with two shots of espresso, one of each eye.


a shot of espresso with hot water creating a strength similar to a drip brew, but with the rich flavor and aroma of an espresso. (strength; strong )

Cofe Latte

a drink prepared with 1/3 espresso, 2/3 steamed milk, and then topped with forth. a great introduction to espresso drinks (strength; moderate)

Caramel Cielo

(chee-el-o) a decadent choice for those craving a rich dessert beverage. this signature espresso drink is created using our special recipe which is topped with froth and decorated with a drizzle of real caramel (strength; moderate)


a drink that combines espresso and steamed milk, and is topped with a very generous amount of forth.(strength; strong)


this drink satisfies your chocolate craving and sleepy eyes. extra espresso and ghirardelli hot coco, your new favorite. (strength; strong)

Cafe Mocha

a rich combination of two parts ghirardelli hot cocoa and one part espresso. also available with drip coffee instead of espresso (strength; moderate)

Iced Mocha

a b&b original. our exclusive recipe makes for an extremely creamy mixture of coffee and ghirardelli cocoa. also available in a light version with 60% less fat.(strength; mild)

Tan Iced Mocha

a twist on our famous iced mocha. this drink is a creamy combination of coffee, white and dark ghirardelli cocoa (strength; mild)

Iced Espresso Mocha

our iced mocha... spiked. we add a shot of espresso to our regular or tan iced mocha for a stronger coffee flavor (strength; moderate)

Iced Latte

ice cold milk and a freshly brewed shot of espresso combine for a traditional iced treat.(strength; moderate)


this 32oz iced concoction is loaded with six shots of espresso, white cocoa and a full shot of italian syrup flavor of your choice (strength; strong)

Fruit Tea Smoothie

a tea smoothie contained more than a 1/2 pound of fruit per 16 oz. available in flavors such as strawberry-banana, mango, and more

Iced Chai

our popular chai tea iced to satisfy that cold craving.

Perfect Lemonade

sweet, tart, refreshing lemonade. available in original, raspberry, mango and arnold palmer (1/2 iced tea & 1/2 lemonade)

Italian Soda

old fashioned regular and cream sodas. you choose the flavor.

Iced Tea

refresh with the republic of tea blend. a natural sweetness and full bodied character produce a smooth taste with a clean finish.

Bottled Beverage

choose from a selection of fruit juices, bottled water and energy drinks.


enjoy a creamy blend of honey, vanilla, black tea, and exotic spices.

Republic of Tea

a large selection of herbal, green, red and white teas.

Hot Cocoa

exclusively ghirardelli cocoa the world's finest chocolate.

Hot Cup

sizes 12 oz, 16oz, 20oz, 24oz

Cold Cup

sizes 16oz, 24oz, 32oz.

Frozen Latte

it has imitated by many, but never duplicated. this slushy, sweet coffee drink is a great way to cool down.(strength; mild)

Espresso Float

a variation of the frozen latte for those who drink is a little too sweet. we just add a shot of espresso for this one (strength; moderate)

Frozen Mocha

our frozen latte with the addition of rich, creamy ghirardelli cocoa. a chocolate coffee combo that is always a treat.(strength; mild)

Mr. B's

we make our frozen latte and add just the right amount of ghirardelli white cocoa and irish cream syrup (strength; mild)

B&b Frappes

rich and creamy frappes sure to satisfy any craving. available in light and with or without espresso. with flavors like strawberry cream, coco bean, and caramel cream, you are sure to find a new favorite. (strength; mild)

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