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Aged Prime Angus

top 2% of us beef angus from meyer ranch, mouth lling strong meaty flavor

Premium Kobe Beef

well-marbled beef with strong avor that is a melt-in-mouth quality

American Kobe Lean Beef

lean cuts of american kobs beef, less fat with meaty flavor

Half Beef & Half Lamb

premium kobe beef is not available for this half & half option

American Kobe Beef

perfect balance of meat and marble with consistent rich flavor and tenderness


fresh lamb from niman ranch with gentel and satisfying lamb flavor

Vegetable Shabu Shabu

veggie plate w/ udon & rice. nappa cabbage, asparagus, spinach, broccoli bok choy, pumpkin, carrot, enoki mushroom shimeji mushroom & tofu

Shrimp potstickers shabu shabu

shrimp potstickers (10 pcs) w/ veggies plate & rice. nappa cabbage, carrot, spinach, enoki mushroom & tofu

Unagi bowl & shabu shabu

bbq eel over rice w/ veggies plate. nappa cabbage, carrot, spinach, enoki mushroom & tofu

Traditional Seaweed Broth

seaweed contains natural umami, which brings out the sizzling tastes of beef & vegetable when you cook with it

Spicy Miso Broth

shabuways original broth with a perfect combination of different types of miso and spices with vegetable broth.the spices add zesty qualities to the broth, while the deep flavor of miso softens the spiciness

Half & Half

served for tables only traditional seaweed broth & spicy miso broth

Udon Noodles

Ramen Noodles

Small Unagi Bowl

Bok Choy


Shrimp Pot Stickers

5 pcs

Veggie Plate A

nappa cabbage, carrot, spinach, enoki mushroom & tofu

Veggie Plate B

broccoli, bok choy, pumpkin, spinach, asparagus, shimeji mushroom & tofu

Enoki Mushrooms

King Oyster Mushrooms

Shimeji Mushrooms

Assorted Mushrooms

Mochi Ice Cream

mango, green tea or mix


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